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Stage 1 Drought Conditions

May contain: plant, grain, vegetable, produce, and food

McKinney Water District has received notification from the State Water Resource Control Board stating  that California is heading into a State 1 Dought Conditions. " With California experiencing its second consecutive dry year, and due to the effects of climate change, we are all reminded that drought planning and conservation are now a California way of life. The first six months of water year 2021 rank as the fourth driest on record. With warm temperatures and extended dry conditions, melting Sierra Nevada snow is soaking into parched ground rather than running into reservoirs. On some streams, runoff is lower now than during the critically dry year of 2014–15."  This in turn can create challenges with meeting the water demands of the District. We ask residents of the District to  conserve water as much as possible,  Be sure to reference Ordiance 2010-2  -  General Policies Governing Water Conservation and Drought Response Standards.